Handsome… for a Goblin!

“You’re handsome… for a goblin!”

These are the words that haunt Fred every day as he pursues his dream of becoming a model in this elf-controlled industry. In a hot summer night, after a discussion with his girlfriend, he starts to question his life and his work.

Juvencio’s Zenith Bed

The only thing you should care about is power!

Juvencio’s obsession with power started back when he was a kid, when his father told him that the best book he could ever read was an Ancient Rome history book.

Just as he is starting to study Law, he enrolls at a political party, commencing his journey in search of power.

The Diabolical Chords

“DO NOT FEAR”, the devil said with a crackling voice like a forest fire, “I TOO AM A SON OF GOD”.

Juvencio was just a religious boy that wanted to play the guitar and be like his friend Mauricio, the precocious intellectual. What he certainly did not want was to become friends with the devil.

Or did he?